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  Averill Park School District educators may apply for funding at anytime.

Grant Application Process

Grant application

The Averill Park Education Foundation exists solely for charitable and educational purposes to benefit the students of the Averill Park schools and works to support educational and creative initiatives to enrich programs and services for the students.  The Foundation encourages teachers, students, and community members to help identify worthwhile projects for funding opportunities.  Funds are distributed in the form of grants and project awards focused primarily in the academic subject areas, as well as technology, cultural enrichment, and general scholastic achievement.  Consequently, grant requests submitted to the Foundation must demonstrate that the project/program and the funds requested will benefit our academic environment and our students.


All grants are subject to approval by the Foundation Board.  In general, awards range from $1,000 - 10,000, although larger proposals will be considered.


All proposals will receive a response generally within 6-8 weeks of each deadline.  The dollar amount available for grants per year is directly related to the results of the annual fundraising campaign, and may vary from year to year.  Depending upon the quality and number of proposals submitted each year, the number of grants awarded may also vary.


Grant awardees will be required to accept the following procedures:


  • Submit a written report at the end of the project identifying completion of all established goals, an overview of the results, and recommendations (if any) for future projects;

  • Submit a final accounting of all expenses, including budget v. actual,  any income or additional funding, and any in-kind donations, if applicable.






Requests for grant renewals must follow the same procedure as initial grant proposal submissions.  A prior award does not guarantee a renewal.


Completed applications should be submitted to:

Tammy Bernstein & Jessica DiFiore

Grant Coordinators

Please contact the Foundation with any questions regarding the submission of grant applications.

Educator Enrichment Program Grant

The Averill Park Education Foundation (APEF) in partnership with Averill Park Central School District (APCSD) is pleased to announce the Educator Enrichment Program.  Grant money in the amount of $10,000.00 total will be awarded to support professional development opportunities of tenured faculty in the Averill Park School District.  The grant application deadline is April 1, 2023 for opportunities to be completed by August 30,2024.  


Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to support the professional development of teachers in the Averill Park School District.  All grant proposals must demonstrate an alignment to APEF and District goals.

APEF Goals:

Goal # 1: To identify initiatives that will encourage and stimulate students to achieve beyond ordinary expectations

Goal # 2: To build community support and enthusiasm for education

Goal # 3: To work in cooperation with other local organizations to strengthen our community 


District Goals:

Goal # 1: Students will graduate college and career ready 

Goal # 2 Students will productively engage in their school community 

Goal # 3: School staff will ensure student growth through the utilization of data

Priority will be given to proposals that allow for “turnkey” training opportunities. Specifically, educators who propose opportunities that allow for the training of other district staff after attending the professional development will be given special consideration.


Eligibility: All tenured teachers with an Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) rating of “effective” or “highly effective” are invited to apply.  


Due Date: All grant applications are due April 1, 2023 for professional development to be completed by August 30, 2024.  No late submissions will be accepted.


Submission: All grant applications must be signed by the Building Principal and the Assistant Superintendent and submitted to the APEF Grant Coordinator by email at by April 1, 2023

Award Notification: Applicants will be notified of grant status on or before May 30, 2023. Awardees may be asked to briefly present to the selection committee the impact and benefit of attending the professional development after attending the program.


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