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Education Enrichment Grants UPDATE

Our community loves our students and loves our educators! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Averill Park Education Foundation was able to provide matching grants to the Averill Park Central School District to collectively support over $13,000 in Education Enrichment Grants for the 2020/2021 school year.

Through a competitive application process, Averill Park faculty and staff submitted requests for financial support to attend professional development that the district could not support without the funds from the Education Foundation’s matching grants. Educators were encouraged to apply for specialized training, conferences, or other opportunities to develop their skills in ways that directly benefit our community students.

Congratulations to this year’s eight award recipients! Each educator is listed below along with the anticipated impact that each of their unique professional enrichment experiences will have on our Averill Park students.

Ms. Terry O’Dell and Ms. Liz Haworth - to leverage the expertise of national leaders in best practices for teaching grade-specific language arts, math, STEM, and more.

Ms. Lizette Hicks (AMS) and Ms. Kerry Minahan Lajeunesse (WSL) – to apply the insight of industry leaders and educational researchers to improve students’ math learning.

Ms. Kristin Card (Districtwide) – to improve student achievement and engagement through data visualization

Mr. Jon Zehnder (APHS) – to employ proven researched techniques to change students’ perspective about math toward a growth mindset - improving motivation, engagement, and outcomes.

Mr. James Cole (APHS) - to provide students with knowledge and skills for state-of-the-art construction technology.

Ms. Melissa Weatherwax (Districtwide) – to learn about, evaluate, and implement technology that enhances online, interactive, and technologically based instruction and engagement.

Please join us in commending these outstanding educators on their willingness to go above and beyond by investing their time to build skills and expertise that enhance our students’ educational experience!

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